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> Long Term Flood Solutions - Public Survey > Respond to this Survey  

Long Term Flood Solutions - Public Survey: Respond to this Survey

In which state/province do you reside?
In which community do you reside?

What level of flood protection does your community have right now?
Have you been directly affected by floods and/or received flood damage at your home or business?
Do you feel the level of flood protection where you live is adequate?
If the level is inadequate, what level of flood protection do you think your community should have?
What flood risk reduction project(s) do you think should be pursued in your community? (select on or more)
How much are you willing to pay per single residence annually for permanent flood protection? (select only one)
What tools and information do you need that would help you make local decisions regarding flood problems in your area?

Many potential flood damage reduction solutions have been considered and are often discussed at public meetings or in the news media - do you have any suggestions that you believe have not been considered?

Any other feedback for the RRBC regarding a long-term flood solution?

OPTIONAL: (If you would like to be added to our notification list of meetings and updates on Basin progress, please provide the following contact information) Please indicate if you would like to submit your contact information: